Sunday, August 6, 2017

About knowledge... Words on the marble

What you have (will have) is limited to what you know (have known)

In economics, they do tell us that the the reward for land is rent, the reward for labour is wages, e.t.c.
But I put it to you that the reward for lack of knowledge is poverty.
Foolishness causes poverty and not the lack of money.
The rich are rich not because of money but because of knowledge. Think outside the box.
You can be knowledgeable in anything, even in a fraudulent activity. Don't get this wrong. Knowledge is different from wisdom.
It is better to know than to have
Knowledge precedes money and not the other way round.

Being knowledgeable doesn't necessarily mean bagging a first class certificate in one enclosed four walls called school. Yes, you were knowledgeable in your course back then, agreed. What about now?

Having knowledge in what you do at the present moment is what is paramount.
The more knowledge you have in what you do, the more you earn, therefore the more money for you.
Just as a professor is excelling in his lecturing job, a mason can be as well excelling in his bricklaying job. It all depends on the common factor, "knowledge".

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