Friday, August 25, 2017

Between sex and love...words on the marble

If you want love, marry your friend

Marriage is more than just sex. In fact you are ripe for marriage when you realized that you don't even need sex.
For instance now, when couples are separated for long time due to work, they don't just go sleeping around, they hold on to themselves. This is where self control comes in.
The more your desire for sex, the more a real wife gets farther.
The business in marriage is not sex but love.
You can only find sex business in the brothel
These days when people celebrate their spouse, they particularly say their gist partner. Yes, she/he is your gist partner.
Love precede sex and not the the other way round
Contrary to famous belief, sex is not a show of love.
You can have sex with someone you don't love.

So, if you want sex, go to brothel but if you want love get married.
You pay for sex, but you make love

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