Monday, August 14, 2017

Kingdom of the children... Words on the marble

I wanted to be happy

That takes just getting chocolates from daddy
I cried a lot
That doesn't mean I was fed up with the toys I was bought

I knew nothing about being rich or being poor
Not even by knocking on my neighbour's golden door
Was highly satisfied by ours that was beautifully wooden
This is a reason why I have not been sick and sullen

In childhood I never knew about responsibilities
All I cared for was my school activities
Maybe because I was never made the class captain
Even, without that, excellence, I attained

Childhood never taught me 'life is not a bed of roses
Maybe because I was always found with dice tosses
Life at tender age really pampered me
I was simply rich as I could be

In childhood, I was given pill, pill, pill
When I was older, everything was bill, bill, bill.
I always thought it will take forever to settle my debt.
I know I have bills to pay even at point of my death

To you, these verses are not true
You have got someone to cloth, shelter and feed you
To me, I still see you as a child
You should close your face and hide

*Life as a kid is always fun devoid of resentment and hate.*
*If you want to live a life without responsibilities and challenges, go back and live as a child*

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