Sunday, September 10, 2017

Nightmares really do come true...words on the marble

If you don't want it, don't even attempt to think about it.

What are you thinking about? Dreams or nightmares? Either of the two, it may come to pass.
Things that comes up in the real life is usually thought about one time or the other.
Your good thought are your dreams and your bad thought are your nightmares

I remember when I had a stomach pain years back. First thing that came to my mind was appendicitis. After a couple of months, I had appendicitis.
If I had thought, it was a mere stomach pain, it would have been so.
The word appendicitis had been registered in my subconscious mind and my conscious mind was making every effort to bring it to reality

Its good to think and its good to think good

If you thought about owning an airline company in the future. Your consciousness will be attracted to everything that has to do with air travel.
If you are always scared of road travels because of road accident, I'm afraid, you might have one soon, but God forbids.

I don't say all bad occurrences happens this way, at least some are unforeseen

The bottom line is, if you are to think at all, think well and think good.

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