Sunday, September 17, 2017

When enough is not enough... words on the marble

When I started knowing life
I was in an unending hunger for a wife

I thought when I get a mate
I would have someone to date

Marriage makes me more lonely
Even when I'm with my one and only
Now my problem was not solved
Never knew life could be this tough

I wanted to be rich
And also want to get my wish
Then I was in an unending search for money
Looking for beehives for honey

So this is always the situation
For those who throw money around in the occasion
That their wants are not indeed met
We are all being entangled in the same net

I wanted to get knowledge
Then I bought a lot of books at the college
For once, I never understood what I was taught
Then I realized I just wasted the books I had bought

Wanted to be immune to sickness
So I bought all the drugs to quench any illness
Cos I once heard that health is wealth
And I don't want to be a victim to an untimely death

Day by day, I became drug resistant.
The drugs that used to work for me at the instant
Now begin to act as if I take just water
They started acting as if I didn't take any other

I wanted to be wealthy
So I started buying properties early
Bought cars and a house
At the end, I only look like an herdsman with cows

At times enough is not really enough. Marriage may not solve your loneliness, money may not make you rich, books may not make you knowledgeable, drugs may not assure you health and properties may not give you wealth. Its just a complicated world

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