Friday, October 13, 2017

Don't let them fool ya...words on the marble

Africans' enemy is not the devil
And that of our farmers, is not the weevil

We have a wolf in sheep's clothing
They are behind the break down of our holding

They reside beyond our reach in the overseas
And they control us from a far at ease
In their hand they have the remote control
In their custody our best brains they have enrolled

They gave us what we didn't need
And we turned to an unnecessary greed
They want to enrich their purse
And they think we are the convenient source

They call our language dialect
If I was there, I would have struck them with the mallet
They call our god graven image
But they took away the cotton in our village

They tagged us corrupt
But where did brain drain erupt
Isn't that more than just a crime
Theft is not until you steal some dime

From our oil they built their haven
They came together and called themselves G7
They want to control the world
From their scanty evil group they call board

We will continue to emphasize how the western world underdevelop Africa and how they intend to keep Africa undeveloped
From slavery to colonialism and from brain drain to mental slavery

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