Saturday, December 2, 2017

Difficulty of man...words on the marble

Right from childhood
I wanted to be the best in the neighborhood

This has always been an uphill task
Is it bad to aim the top, if I may ask

The seer saw the future
So they try all means to get me injured
I made it to school
And the environment was cool

It took me years to get just one A grade
My friends said it was because I wasn't given the grace
I thought it takes just brilliancy
Oh my God, what a fantasy

I made it to the job market
My wife told me we must shop with the basket
But my salary barely last us for a month
And we can hardly meet our needs and wants

We are hungry
Even with our bunkering
We are suffering
Even with our offering

Who made life difficult for man?
Is it the evil called Satan
The devilish has no peace
The holy is not at ease

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