Saturday, December 2, 2017

Human indebtedness... words on the marble

We are all debtors
You owe even your mentors

Not that you borrow
But there are tenets you should follow

You owe your parent
In their hand, they hold your life patent
So their complaints, you have to listen
The solutions, you need to reason

You owe your siblings
You need to understand their feelings
Their request
You should not put to rest

You owe your spouse
Not that you must buy her a house
But you should show her some love
We all know this is tough

You owe your children
You should nurture them in the eden
Provide them with good delicacy
And give them an unending legacy

You owe life itself
You should perpetually live it well
Neglecting wrong for right
Leaving the black for the white

Life is hard because of our indebtedness. These are uphill task we need to do in order to make the future better

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